Matthijs Schoo en Rogier Verbeek

Hi, we are Rogier & Matthijs. A freelance creative team working for brands and agencies. 

We’ve started creating together when we’re five years old. From building treehouses to fooling friends with fake letters from the police. From making our own skateboard-movies to writing 5 page reports on the soccer matches we played. Somewhere along the road, we decided to turn creativity into our job.

From 2004 we’ve worked at different agencies like BBDO, LEMZ, TBWA and N=5. As you can tell by our portfolio we’re an all round creative team. We like to create campaigns that really solve the problem. From good old TV commercials to digital-pr-social-cyberspace-social-film-guerilla campaigns. Or a 5-star treehouse if that solves the problem.

So whether you need a digital-pr-social-traditional-cyberspace-guerilla campaign or you simply need a problem solved? Just give us a call.