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Huurders: Software en Technologie (7)

Peejee tv

Hi,I’m Peejee, a creative video technologist, advising organisations, agencies and brave individuals.

In that capacity I help clients with their video application issues, and other technical challenges.

To solve these issues and challenges, I try to come up with creative solutions, looking outside the regular scope, using techniques, products and “hacking” items that normally are not applied in that specific context.

Classic Agency


Jan Maarten de Wit

I am a Amsterdam based digital artist specialised in colour-grading and post-production. For years I have been working on the creative side of film and TV.

Love to be challenged with new concepts to expand the borders of creativity.

If you are in need of a fresh new approach or want to explore the VFX possibility’s of a production feel free to contact me.



I was born in 1974 and I believe I belong to one of the most lucky, unique generations ever lived: I am part of a demographic which grew up without Internet, slowly saw it appearing on computer screens, and gradually transitioned into a world where the net is now in our pockets, on our wrists, in our fridge and many more connected devices.

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Allon Games is a small games studio led by Mark Allon. Allon Games is specialised in mobile gaming.


Studied at HKU Utrecht. Worked as Sound Engineer. Studied Multimedia Design. Developed Web Applications and Flash Games.


Game developer. Unity enthusiast. Novice world improver.


YG media


I specialize in combining editing with VFX and motion design. Inside my toolbox you can find Premiere Pro, After Effects, Mocha, Davinci Resolve, Fusion, and Cinema 4D.